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By engaging blockchain technology in innovative ways, the mission of Project Toxic is to help solve the largest problem facing the future of our species: pollution.

Funded by direct investments into our smart-tokens and crypto platforms,  our Toxic Centres will be constructed as educational hubs to administer and foster required technological and informational solutions.




Our first Toxic Centre will be located in the city and region of Kathmandu in Nepal, where an environmental catastrophe is underway. 

A sharp rise in Industrial waste is steadily poisoning the water source and the air, resulting in a large increase in hospitalisations due to respiratory disease and cancer, reducing life expectancy by 4 years on average.

Phase 1 -
Construction will begin this October on the hub that will spread awareness for the impact of this rapid urbanisation occurring in the area.

We will be creating working relationships with various schools and businesses, in order to teach the benefits of landfill reduction, safe disposal of chemical and biological waste and giving younger generations the practical tools and motivation to tackle other environmental considerations.

Phase 2 -
After the Centre is functioning smoothly, we will broaden our focus towards proposals for new policies and pushing to change laws. Our objective here is to work closely with the Nepalese government to markedly reduce pollution and improve waste systems. It is essential to stop the problem before it begins.


Image by Sujitabh Chaudhary
Above the Clouds

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